Bill Divider

You know the story, you go for dinner with a bunch of people, and they don’t want to divide the bill evenly because some owe more than others.

Bill Divider is the only bill and tip calculator in the App Store that will help you easily divide the bill between penny pinchers.

Four people go to dinner, three share nachos, everyone has a differently priced main course, two share a drink, and you want to leave a 15% tip. It’s no problem to split the check with Bill Divider.

Bill Divider can divide a bill between up to 10 people.

Enter your bill line by line, then divide it across the columns using checkboxes.

Bill Divider is available for 99¢, and there is a free version supported by advertising.


★★★★★ The Best Bill Divider!
by jorgemorenof
This app is great! The best bill divider so far. Great job! Easy to use and very intuitive!

★★★★★ Perfect!
by kath watkins
Excellent for everyone! Not only can you split evenly, you can devide shared items and split fairly by who ordered what. This app does it all! Love it! Will be buying full version, even tho this free one works great.

★★★★★ The only bill splitting application you need
by msqrade
This is seriously the only bill splitting application you’ll ever need. The way the program works is excellent.

You enter the items, and you check which people had which items. This is a classic example of something that seems easy to do but isn’t. To try and do this with a calculator between 4 or 5 people where some people have had one thing but not another is a nightmare!

The interface is the best in class.

No need for 100 dialogs to set up the bill. Takes 30 seconds to do.